Statmetrics project is managed by a non-profit community which provides free support in the forum.

Professional Support

The professional support is not now available from the web site.


The online documentation describes how to install and use Statmetrics application. The Documentation includes user guides, FAQs, and samples.

Discussion Board

The Statmetrics Community Forum is a web-based discussion board for support questions. Read and search the archives of the Help Forum. If you cannot find the answer, posting a new message either in an existing, related, thread, or in a new thread. You should get a Statmetrics-Forum user-id and logon before you submit items. Due to the volume of questions, we cannot guarantee that your question will be answered.

Register a Bugs / Feature Requests

If you are new to Java or Statmetrics, please discuss the issue in one of the forums or mailing lists first. If you have to report a bug in Statmetrics please use the Bug Tracker system at If possible, include a full description of the error. The error can then be fixed much easier and faster.